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You know you’ve been to the Adelaide Beer and BBQ Fest when…

You wake up and smell like wood smoke and beer, you’ve got a song in your head that’s stuck on repeat, and you’re still wearing a pair of 8bit meme sunnies.

Every now and then, you see something at a festival that just grabs everybody’s attention and at the 2019 festival one of those things is thousands of pairs of 8bit sunglasses that are being handed out by Thug Life Brewing. Over the weekend the sunnies started popping up in all sorts of strange places like on Shit Adelaide, pubs like The Hwy and bars across town, and BBQ pigs!

From a Cholo Lager which apparently means pimp in Spanish or Mexican gangster, to the Stolen which is a Vanilla Irish Stout, the Mafia King NEIPA (which sounds like my ….ing when you say it fast) and the Ginger Has Soul and if you say that one fast you’ll figure out what that one sounds like, not only are the sunnies getting attention but so are the names of the beers. The adults are grabbing the meme sunnies and kids love them because they see them as Minecraft glasses.

Whilst some people might not like the whole thug life thing, especially after listening to the Beer and BBQ podcast, these guys have donated beer to a number of causes from mental health, women’s soccer, startup businesses and side hustles.

So you have to ask yourself the question… are they genuine thugs or thug by name and not by nature?

Scott Perry, Founder, Thug Life Brewing

0400 096 511

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