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STR8 OUT BALLIN: Thug Life Brewing Has Opened Their Doors

A new brewery has opened it’s doors in Adelaide’s south! Thug Life Brewery is introducing it’s first two beers, Ginger Has Soul Ginger Beer and Mafia King New England IPA. We’ve got massive fans of Indian Pale Ales in the office, so we’re stoked to be able to try their new brew!

I had a chat with Scott Perry (super nice guy, by the way), the face behind this new venture, and asked him firstly, what the story was behind the names of the beers, “We just want to have fun with the beer and the labels. The Ginger Has Soul Ginger Beer pays tribute to South Park, where they make fun of ginger’s not having souls, so we enjoy having a laugh and having fun coming up with names,” said Perry.
Perry, a plumber by trade, with the help of family members and good friend Darren, hope to create a brand that is good fun, relaxed and appeals to the tradies.

We know Adelaide froths over craft beer and this one will certainly not disappoint. The Keg and Barrel in Port Noarlunga was the first lucky venue to stock their beer in cans and on tap. Now, the Truro Hotel, Commercial Hotel Two Wells and Two Wells Tavern also have their beers in cans! The Keg and Barrel was also the setting for Thug Life Brewing’s launch party earlier this week.

Thug Life Brewery sources their hops, yeast and barley from local suppliers and producers – which is always a big plus r books! Both beers pack a punch, with their New England IPA sitting at 7.1% ABV and their Ginger Beer at 5.3%!

As for opening as a tasting venue, “I would love to open the brewery for tastings sometime in the future,” said Perry – only time will tell! The brewery is located right near Happy Valley reservoir and will be coming to bottle shops and pubs near you in no time! All the best to the Thug Life family!

Get your hands on some Thug Life beer at:
The Keg and Barrel – 14-16 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga, SA 5167
Commercial Hotel Two Wells – 70 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells, SA 5501
Two Wells Tavern – 116 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells, SA 5501
Truro Hotel – 17 Moorundie Street, Truro, SA 5356

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